What is KAPIC?


"KAPIC" is an abbreviation for (Kagoshima Asia Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center).

The Center itself was established in 1994 to serve as an important base for international exchange and international cooperation in Kagoshima.Tucked away in lush natural surroundings, KAPIC receives technical trainees from all over the world every year, not to mention organizing international exchange events and holding seminars on international understanding.

KAPIC is also widely used by various organizations and educational institutions to carry out training seminars.

Overview of KAPIC

Established April 1, 1994
Locatio 3811-1 Kami Takakuma Cho, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Accommodations Capacity 60 people(max 72 people in the case of school trips or training camps )
Accommodation Facilities Single rooms-10 / Twin-17 / Japanese Tatami rooms-2 hot-cold air conditioner / fully equipped washroom / Japanese Tatami rooms (shared washroom)
Study & Training Facilities

Technical Training rooms-3 (max. 200 peoples) / Cooking Facilities / Conference room / Library / Recreation room / Cafeteria / Laundry room

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KAPIC Projects

Here at KAPIC we organize various activities that explore both Japanese culture and foreign cultures in order to deepen mutual understanding.

  • Study training for foreigners (aimed at technical trainees from overseas and foreign residents)
  • Projects for International Exchange International Cooperation・International Understanding.

The KAPIC Administration

KAPIC is a Prefectural Institution that had been administered by the "Kagoshima International Exchange Cooperation Agency"according to the "Designated Administration System" from 2006 to 2020. Since 2021, KAPIC has been administered by the "Kagoshima International Exchange Promotion Agency"

The Kagoshima International Exchange Promotion Agency consists mainly of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and other experienced overseas volunteers who belong to the following two organizations: NPO Kyushu International Cooperative Association, The Kagoshima Youth Overseas Cooperative Volunteers Alumni Society.)