Study Training for Overseas Trainees and Resident Foreigners

·   Japanese language Studies (beginner to advanced)

·   Japanese Culture Studies (experience kimono-fitting, Japanese cuisine, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, taiko           drums, etc.)

·   Visits and Study Trips to famous places and institutions in Kagoshima.

·   Exchanges with the locals (home stays, school visits, etc.)

·   Theme-based studies about the nature, environment, agriculture & forestry, education, and regional promotion of


Japanese language / cultural studies

・Japanese language / cultural studies for foreign university students

China (Hong kong, Macau)

The University of Hong Kong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The University of Macau


Duksung Woman's University
Jeonju University
Kunsan National University
Kangnung National University


・Japanese language / cultural studies for Kagoshima Prefecture technical trainees

China, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentine, Paraguay, Cambodia, Nepal


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・Japanese language / cultural studies for resident foreigners

Resident foreigners such as ALTs(Assistant English Teachers)

DSC01033.JPG DSC01182.JPG
Japanese Class ZEN Painting (Ink-Wash Pinting)

JICA Training Program (Theme-based studies)

<Rural development>
・Rural development/ African countries,
・Rural development/ Oceania countries
・Livelihood Improvement Activity and IGA (Income Generating Activities)  for small rural communities / African countries 

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< Agriculture>
・Extension Methodologies of Organic Agricultural Techniques  for Small Scale Farmers/ Central American countries
・Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation (Deciduous Fruit, Citrus) / Bhutan
・Fruit cultivation (Deciduous Fruit, Citrus) / Bhutan
・Horticulture crop Post harvest, processing, Marketing and Farmer’s Enterprise/ Bhutan
・Horticulture (Fruits) Nursery Production and Cultivation Techniques/Bhutan
・Horticulture extension and Public Relation /Bhutan
・Vegetable seed production and Extension method/Bhutan 

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<Nature conservation>
・Nature conservation/ Viet Nam
・Nature conservation/ Laos 

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・Basic education administration/ Indonesia 

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・Local Governance / African countries

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Exchange Program

・Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS)

Receiving school student delegations from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos

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