Information about the Facilities

KAPIC, located amidst the scenic natural beauty of Osumi lakeside, is frequently used by visiting guests from overseas and therefore has a very international atmosphere.

All-purpose study training facilities and quiet, comfortable accommodations are available.

Study & Training Facilities

shisetu03.JPG shisetu04.JPG
Entrance Hall Library


Conference room  

Administration Facilities

shisetu05.JPG 実習室
Study Training Room Cooking Facilities

Accommodation Facilities

shisetu07.JPG shisetu08.JPG
Accommodations Accommodations(Japanese Tatami Room)


shisetu09.JPG shisetu10.JPG
Cafeteria Recreation Room


Usage Fees

Study & Training Room

310 yen (1 room (hr))


Western Style 2,400 yen (per person / night)
Japanese Style 2,400 yen (per person / night (adult))
600 yen (per person / night (University student and below))
Fee for sheets 210 yen (per person)
*bring your own soap, etc.
*Amenities are available for 600 yen.

Fee for meals

Breakfast 360 yen
Lunch 520 yen
Dinner 620 yen
You can also hold parties depending on your budget.
Please consult us for details.